Confucius Institute at the Osh State University opens Confucius Classes

2017-03-01 18:00:28 398

Confucius Institute at the Osh State University opens Confucius Classes On the last day of winter, February 28, 2017 Confucius Institute of Osh State University signed an agreement on the establishment of Confucius Classroom at the Osh Technological University, Osh humanitarian pedagogical institute, lyceum "Bilim" of Osh State University in order to provide social services, enhance mutual understanding and friendship among young people, the development of Chinese language teaching in universities and secondary schools, through friendly negotiation, under the approval of the head office of the Confucius Institute. For the signing of the agreements, the rector of Osh State University Professor Isakov K.A. invited Rector of Osh Technical University Abidov AO, OGPI Rector Zuluev BB, as well as the director of the Lyceum "Bilim" OshSU Kanybekova N. From the Chinese part under Confucius Classroom Osh State University’s partner university is Xinjiang Normal University in Urumqi. Students of Osh city universities have wonderful opportunities to study in Urumqi offering excellent accommodation and training, especially when air flight takes only two hours. Alongside with the usual teaching of Chinese language and promotion of knowledge about China, Confucius classes have specific Chinese language learning objectives to train highly qualified professionals and to develop cooperation with universities and research institutions of China. Confucius Classroom Activities aimed at achieving the educational, scientific, cultural and educational purposes. The position of the Confucius Classroom consolidate the various activities and the provision of educational services in the field of information and consultancy services in the sphere of scientific and expert work, as well as translations.